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Authenticate your Hermès bag with Professionals

How it works

Why Authentith?

True experience

Authentith was created by Hermès lovers, for Hermès lovers. Due to our 20+ years of experience working with Hermès, we offer an outstandingly qualified opinion on any Hermés piece.  


We offer multiple payment methods including; debit card, PayPal and Trustly.

Physical document

Contrary to other authenticators online, we offer physical paper certificates instead of a digital document. This is an additional document to add verification to your bag alongside receipt & cites.

Report Check

Report check system for verification of all of our authenticated bags. 

Click here to go to

report check.


Our certificates are the most secure on the market. With Report Check, you and any future owner of your bag can be assured of the authenticity of the bag. 


Starting your authentication process is simple. Click here to submit your images, fill out the form, and start the authentication process within 24 hours.

Buy from us

Professional Authentication of Your Hermes Handbags
Experienced Authenticatation
Trusted by Retailers and Private Owners Worldwide

At Authentith, we understand the importance of owning a genuine luxury handbag. That's why we offer a professional authentication service for your Hermes handbags. With our team of experts, you can trust that your handbag will be thoroughly examined and certified as authentic.

At Authentith, our focus is solely on authenticating Hermès bags, unlike other multi-brand services. Together our team has 20+ years of experience working at Hermès, hence our highly qualified opinion on Hermès' bags authenticity. We specialize in how to spot a fake Hermés bag, and to verify real Hermés bags.

We are proud to serve big Hermes retailers as well as private Hermes owners from all over the world. Our certificates of authenticity are trusted by handbag enthusiasts and collectors alike. Secure and anti-counterfeit certificates are one of our top priorities. 

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